Infinite’s primary focus is minimizing humanity’s environmental impact, increasing health and safety for all and insuring data security in the collection, disposal and recycling of discarded electronics equipment. We are the leading provider of secure data destruction, electronics recycling and asset management

With over I00 years of combined technology management and electronics recycling experience, our team offers our clients complete accountability and transparency in the management and disposal of their obsolete business technology.

Danny Mendelson, Chairman and President
Danny Mendelson is the Chairman, President and founding member of Infinite. He is a Former CFO and CSO of Wise Metals Group and a former tax partner of E& Y. Danny has over 30 years of business experience with 15 years devoted to the Recycling Industry.

Dick Weaver, Executive Vice President, CEO & COO
Dick Weaver is the CEO and COO of Infinite. He is a former Executive Vice-President of Wise Metals Group and former President of Wise Recycling. Dick brings over 45 years of experience in the metal recycling and commodity trading industry and is a founding member of Infinite.

Dan Nunkovich, Senior VP of Operations
Dan Nunkovich is Director of Operations for Infinite. He is a former owner of Southeastern Data, Inc., a data servicing company. Dan has vast experience as a manager of systems maintenance for the banking and airline industry and brings over 30 years of experience in electronic recycling with IT services, logistics and sales internationally.

Christopher Hartmann, VP of Environmental Safety & Warehouse
Christopher Hartmann is Vice President of Environmental Safety and Warehouse Operations for Infinite. He has 13 years’ experience as Operations Manager in the plastics industry, as well as over a decade in the transportation industry, where he was a lead man and department manager of parts, billing and environmental safety. Chris brings 26 years of knowledge and experience in Supervision, Transportation and Environmental Safety Compliance.